Teste si raspunsuri limba engleza
Test I
a. We will be unable to accept any more orders for this item until further notice.
b. Production difficulties force us to decline further orders for this model for the time being.
       c. The goods ordered are no longer manufactured.
a. Delivery cannot take place at once because we are at present overwhelmed with orders.
b. A slight delay in the execution of your order will now be unavoidable, but we are giving it priority and you will not have to wait more than â week longer than the original delivery date. We regret this and can only hope that it will not seriously inconvenience you.

C) Plati
a. Please inform us what arrangements you have made for payment .
b. There seems to be â mistake in the price you mention.
c. We regret that we cannot allow you the extra discount of 5%.
d. We allow you an extra 2% discount for prompt cash.


2. Cum continuati intrebarile urmatoare:
a.    What shall I do?
b.    What shall I cook today?
c.    Shall I help you?
d.    Where shall we go at the weekend?
e.    When shall I come again?


  Test II

I.1.should; 2.must; 3. should; 4.ought to; 5.must

II. 1.a; 2. an; 3. -; 4. -; 5. - ; 6. - ; 7. a; 8. a; 9. - ; 10. an, a.

III. 1.e; 2.f; 3. c; 4.b; 5.d; 6. a.

IV. 1. any-some; 2. some – any; 3. some – some – some – any; 4. any – some; 5. some – any.


Test III

I. 1. has arrived; 2.I have lost/ I’ve lost. Has anyone seen it? 3. has read; 4. I have /I’ve never been; 5. I have/I’ve known her; 6. has had; 7. there have been

II. 1. I have been looking; 2. has been snowing; 3. have you been waiting? 4. have you been listening? 5. has been cooking

III. 1. I’ve just cut it. 2I’ve just put one; 3. I’ve just let her in; 4. I’ve just set them in order; 5. I’ve just shut it; 6. I’ve just cast it; 7. I’ve just bet on him

IV. 1.I’ve caught a lot of time, too. 2. He’s brought me flowers this time, too. 3. I haven’t thought twice this time either; 4. She has/she’s written….this time, too; 5. I’ve felt good this time, too;6. I haven’t found them …this time either

V. 1. has already laid it/ has laid it already; 2. I’ve made some already/I’ve already made some; 3. has beaten them already/has already beaten them; 4. have already begun it/have begun it already; 5. have done them already/have already done them; 6. have given it to him already/have already given it to him

Test IV

I.1. was playing; 2. was overflowing; 3. were you doing; was doing; 4. was raining; 5.were waving

II. 1. quickly; 2.fast; 3. well; 4. beautifully; 5. late; 6. awfully

III.1. I’ll be watching TV; 2. What will you be doing this time tomorrow?; 3. “She’llbe coming round the mountain…..”; 4. How long will you be staying here?; 5. I’ll be having lunch.


Test V

1. Traduceti:

In fiecare dupa amiaza, cand veneau de la scoala, copiii obisnuiau sa se joace in gradina gigantului.
Era o gradina minunata, cu iarba verde moale.
Intr-o zi, Gigantul a venit acasa mai devreme.
“Ce faceti aici?” a tipat.
“ Gradina mea este gradina mea si nu voi permite nimanui sa se joace in ea” spuse Gigantul.
Copii au fugit.
El a construit un zid imprejurul gradinii.
Era un Gigant egoist.

2.    Traduceti:

a.    I very much regret that I have to decline you.
b.    I must apologize for delaying my answer.
c.    Best wishes for New Year!
d.    May I come to see you and the baby the first time when I am in your town?

3.Completati cu articolul “the” in spatiile punctate acolo unde este cazul:
16.--; 17.-the; 18-the; 19-the; 20-the; 21--; 22--; 23--; 24--; 25--; 26--; 27--; 28--.

Test VI

In fiecare zi ma duc la scoala. In drumul meu spre scoala, in fiecare zi vad acelasi caine frumos alb.
In fiecare seara, cand ma duc la culcare, ascult aceeasi poveste.
Sunt atat de plictisit  sa ma duc la scoala, sa ascult povestea aceea si sa vad acel adorabil caine alb…..
Imi doresc ca viata mea sa fie altfel.

a. I have been learning English since 1980.
b. Please write to me soon and tell me all about yourself and your family.
c. You don’t know me, so first let me introduce myself.
d. I deeply appreciate your kind and consoling words of sympathy in my bereavement.

3. Formati singularul de la urmatoarele substantive neregulate:
wife, half, knife, life, calf, wolf, thief

4..    Formati pluralul de la urmatoarele substantive neregulate:
    men, women, children, feet, geese, mice, oxen

Test VII


  1. Traduceti:

In 1800  imigrantii irlandezi si scotieni au adus sarbatoarea halloweenului in Statele Unite.

Costumele de printesa sunt anul acesta cele mai populare costume pentru copii.

Costumele traditionale, precum vrajitoarele, piratii si pisicile raman preferate printre adulti.

Pentru barbati – mumii, varcolaci si gorile.

Pentru femei o multime de costume sexy.


  1. Puneti verbele din paranteza la past tense sau la present perfect:

1.a . helped; paid; b. hasn’t helped;

2. a. haven’t eaten; b. had

3. a. had; b. I’ve just had


  Testul VIII
  I. 1.No, I am Roumanian; 2. I am from Romania; 3. Ion Ion

 II.1.    How old are you? 2.Where do you live? 3.Are you an advanced student?4.Are you married? 5. How many children have you got?

            III. 1. I’m  2.she’s 3. there’s 4. that’s  5.where’s  6. I’ve goy  7. who’s

           IV.  1.    don’t ; 2. don’t ; 3. can’t ; 4. needn’t;  5.doesn’t

           V. 1. go straight ahead   2. Turn right into Academiei street.  3. tahe the bus to Cismigiu Gardens.
                 4. Don’t forget to ring me up when you have arrived, please.