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Informatii in legatura cu o calatorie

Dear Sirs,
I intend to come to Scotland for a holiday in summer and I am particulary interested in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. I should be most grateful if you would send me some illustrated brochures of these two cities, as well as lists of recomanded hotels.
Could you also let me know what reductions in railway fares, if any, are granted during the summer months?
Your faithfully,

Informatii in legatra cu cazarea la hotel
Dear Sir,
Your hotel has been recomanded by the Travel Association and as I intend to come to Edinburgh. I should like to know if accomodation will be available for this period.
I should like to know if accomodation will be available for this period.
I should require one double room with hot and cold runing water. Perhaps you would be good enough to send me your price list, giving inclusive terms for bed and breakfast, and stating if it is possible to stay in the hotel without having full board.
I should appreciate an early reply.
Your faithfully,

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1.    Would you be kind enough to let me know
Va rog sa aveti amabilitatea sa ma informati…….

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Ma intreb daca ati putea sa-mio dati o informatie. Ati putea sa-mi spuneti…..

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V-as fi recunoscator daca mi-ati furniza urmatoarea informatie.

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