Redactare unei scrisori in engleza
Oferte comerciale


Dear Sir,
We thank you for your letter of…. and send you enclosed our latest price-list for your kind perusal.
The prices of our goods range from….per yard upwards, according to quality, but we are ready to allow you a special discount of 5% on orders for large quantities.
We shall do our best to satosfy you as regards quality and we can assure you that our articles are quite unequalled for value.
Having a pretty large stock of the goods you want on hand, we can execute any order at once; nevertheless, we should be much obliged if you would give us some ideas as to the quantity you are likely to require. Under separate cover we send you samples of the different kinds we have in stock.
When ordering, please say whether you wish us to insure the goods. We hope for your order, which will have our best attention.
Your faithfuly,

Price List Encluded

Thank you for your interest in our products. If you’re interested in high speed digital signal processing, you came to the right source for high speed multipliers, multiplier/accumulators, A/D or D/A converters or shift registers.
Enclosed is the information you request. If you would like more information, call us direct and ask for an applications engineer. You can also contact the nearest TRW sales office or the Hamilton-Avent office nearest you.
Also enclosed is a postage-paid card. If you would complete this and return it to me, it will confirm that you received the information you asked for. And, it will help us keep you informed about appropiate future developments. (And, belive me, there’s a lot coming up!)
Thank you very much,

Expresii uzuale:

1.    We have pleasure in submitting the following quotation.
Ne face placere sa va supunem atentiei urmatoarele preturi.

2.    This is the very best offer we can make you for……..
Aceasta este cea mai buna oferta pe care o putem face pentru………

3.    As a result of the favourable supply situation, we are able to offer your firm, for immediate delivery….
Ca rezultat al situatiei favorabile a stocurilor, putem oferi firmei dvs., cu livrare imediata….

Informatii despre preturi:
1.    Our prices are quoted………..
Preturile noastre sunt fixate la……

2.    Our prices are calculated independently of packing.
Preturile noastre sunt calculate fara a include ambalajul.

3.    The prices quoted are for quantities of not less than………
Preturile sunt fixate pentru cantitati nu mai mici de…..

4.    The prices quoted are net.
Preturile fixate sunt nete.

5.    We have marked the prices on each pattern.
Am marcat pretul pe fiecare model.

6.    In calculating our prices we take as a basis the present exchange value of the dollar.
In calcularea preturilor pornim de la cursul actual al dolarului.

7.    Owing to increased cost of manufacture, prices are expected to rise before long.
Datorita cresterii costului de productie, se asteapta ca preturile sa creasca in curand.

8.    We content ourselves with a small margin of profit.
Ne multumim cu un profit mic.

9.    We allow you 5% discount.
Noi va acordam 5% reducere.

10.    We are ready to give you an exceptional reduction of ….% on former quotations.
Suntem pregatiti sa va acordam o reducere exceptionala de …% fata de preturile anterioare.

11.    Our terms are payment on invoice.
Conditiile noastre sunt plata prin factura.

Starea pietii; stocuri
1.    In view of the heavy demand for these products, we advise yiu to order at once.
Deoarece asteptam o cerere mare de aceste produse, va sfatuim sa comandati imediat.

2.    This article is in great demand.
Acest articol este foarte cerut.

3.    There is no demand for such goods.
Nu se cer astfel de produse.

4.    Our comprehensive stocks enable us to execute all orders promptly and to customer’s specifications.

Respingeri de oferte
1.    We thank you very much for your offer, but regret not being able to make use of it.
Va multumim foarte mult pentru pferta dumneavoastra, dar regretam ca nu o putem folosi.

2.    We have to decline your ofer.
Trebuie sa respingem oferta dumneavoastra.

3.    Many thanks for your offer of……We are sorry to have to tell you that we cannot make use of it at present.
Multe multumiri pentru oferta dumneavoastra de……Ne pare rau sa va informam ca nu putem beneficia de ea in prezent.

4.    Many thanks for your reply to our enquiry for……..We will keep your catalugue for further reference, but think your products too highly prices for this market.
Multe multumiri pentru raspunsul la solicitarea noastra………Vom pastra catalogul dumneavoastra pentru referinte ulterioare, dar consideram ca produsele dumneavoastra au un pret prea ridicat pentru piata noastra.