Redactare unei scrisori in engleza

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your letter of….and for the details of your plastic ware.
We have now seen samples of your prodycts and are prepared to give them â trial, provided you can guarantee delivery on, or before…
The enclosed order is placed strictly on this condition, and with reserve the roght to cancel and to refuse delivery after this date.
Yours truly,

Dear Sir,
Many thanks for your quotation for chocolates and whafers, and also for the sample which arrived last week.
We are now convinced that some of the lines will find a ready sale here, and would like you to send us the following quantities at once:
10 dozen gift boxes (containing assorted chocolates)
6 dozen whafer  boxes
As your makes are comparatively unknown in this country, we hope you will go ahead with the advertising campaign, mentioned by your representative on his last visit.
Our order is subject to your acceptance of our usual terms of payment, viz. 60 days after date of invoice.
If this first order is executed satisfactorily, we shall be happy to place further business with you.
Yours faithfuly,
Sales Director

Expresii uzuale:
1.    Thank you for your offer of…..which we ccept on the terms quoted.
Va multumim pentru oferya dvs. de… care o acceptam in termenii fixati.

2.    Our indent is enclosed.
Comanda noastra este anexata.

3.    We have received your price list.
Am primit lista voastra de preturi.

4.    Goods of an inferior quality will not do.
Produsele de calitate inferioara nu vor fi acceptate.

5.    Let us know whether you still have the same quality in stock.
Instiintati-ne daca mai aveti produse de aceeasi calitate in stoc.

6.    We must point out that the machines must be guaranteed to be to our own specifications.
Trebuie sa subliniem ca masinile trebuie sa corespunda garantat specificatiilor noastre.

7.    The material supplied must be absolutely water-proof  and we place our order subject to this guarantee.
Materialul furnizat trebuie sa fie total impermeabil si comanda noastra este valabila doar cu aceasta garantie.

8.    We attach our order for……but could not send you much larger orders if you could see your way to bringing your price down to â level comapable with that of your competitors in this market.
Anexam comanda noastra pentru….dar am putea face comenzi mult mai mari daca ati gasi un mijloc de micsorare a pretului

9.    If pattern No….is not available, please send ……..or……..instead.
Daca modelul Nr…….nu este disponibil, va rugam sa ne trimiteti in loc….sau…….

10.    Our indent is enclosed, but we must ask you to cancel any iterms which you cannot execute by……
Anexam comanda noastra, dar trebuie sa va rugam sa suspendati orice produs pe care nu-l puteti executa pana la….

11.    Delivery would have to take place within two weeks.
Livrarea se va efectua in decurs de doua saptamani.

12.    Please forward the goods:
a)    by goods train;
b)    by the next steamer;
c)    by the first vessel bound for…
d)    by charter plane
e)    as specified on the attached order form

       Va rugam sa trimiteti marfurile:
a)    cu trenul de marfuri
b)    cu urmatorul vapor
c)    cu urmatorul vapor cu destinatia…..
d)    prin avion charter
e)    conform specificatiilor din formularul de comanda anexat.

13.    Please give to this order your best attention
Va rugam acordati acestei comenzi cea mai mare atentie.