Redactare unei scrisori in engleza
Scrisori de reclamatie


Dear Sirs,
Our order No…….of……..
The goods ordered this number arrived today in good condition, and your invoice has been cheked and found correct.
However, we have to point out that these articles were ordered subject to their arriving here by the end of September. Since they did not reach us until 15 November, we have been hard pressed to meet our commitments to our customers.
As you will no doubt understand, â recurrence of this situation could well result in our customers placing orders elsewhere, and this is â risk we are unwilling to take. We must, therefore, insist that you observe delivery deadlines for future orders.
Yours faithfuly,

Dear Sirs,
We are very sorry to have to inform you that your last delivery is not up to your usual standard. The material seems to be too loosely woven and is inclined to pull out of shape. By separate mail we have sent you  a cutting from this material, also one from cloth of an earlier consignment, so that you can compare the two and see the difference in texture.
Please let us know without delay what you can do to help us in getting over this difficulty.
Yours faithfully,

Expresii uzuale:
1.    You have supplied goods below the standard we expected from stamples.
Marfurile furnizate sunt sub calitatea pe care o asteptam luand in considerare monsrele.

2.    Your goods arrived yesterday and were at once submitted to a careful examination.
Marfurile dvs. au sosit ieri si au fost supuse imediat unui control atent.

3.    Both in design and colour the goods are different from what we ordered.
       Marfa este diferita fata de ce am comandat la culoare si design.

4.    Unfortunately we find you have sent us the wrong products.
Din pacate observam ca ne-ati trimis alte produse.

5.    The heads of the screws should have been below the outer surface, whereas they stand out above it.
Capetele suruburilor ar fi trebuit sa apara dedesubtul suprafetei exterioare, dar ele apar deasupra.

6.    We cannot possibly suply our customers with the articles we have received from you.
Nu putem furniza clinetilor nostri articolele pe care le-am primit de la dvs.

7.    You have surpassed my order considerably by…….
Ati depasit considerabil comanda mea cu……

8.    Unfortunately tou have not send us all the goods we ordered. The following are missing….
Din pacate nu ne-ati trimis toate marfurile comandate. Lipsesc urmatoarele……

9.    Kindly let us know the cause of delay.
Va rugam sa ne informati despre cauza intarzierii.
10.    If we do not receive the goods this week we shall have to refuse them
Daca nu primim marfurile saptamana aceasta va trebui sa refuzam