Business English beginner

Additional – aditional, suplimentar
Advice note – instiintrae
Balance – balanta, sold
Business agreement – intelegere de afaceri
To credit – a credita
Credit note – nota de credit
To debit – a debita
To deduct – a scadea
Delivery books – registre de livrare
Government bonds – obligatiuni guvernamentale
Loan – imprumut
Overdraft – finantare pe descoperit de cont
Part payment – plata partiala
Rate of interest – rata dobanzii
Raw materials – matrie prima
Remittance – remitere
Statement – extras de cont
Trading association – asociere comerciala

1.    Our terms (of payment) are: net cash, spot cash, cash against acceptance, cash against documents, cash on delivery.
Conditiile noastre de plata sunt: plata in numerar la valoarea neta, plata imediata in numerar, plata in numerar contra acceptare de documente, plata in numerar contra prezentarii de documente, plata in numerar la livrare.

2.    We request: payment on monthly settlement, payment on invoice, payment by irrevocable letter of credit, payment by banker’s draft, payment by promissory note.
Solicitam: plata efectuata lunar, plata contra factura, plata prin acreditiv irevocabil, plata prin ordin de plata, plata prin bilet la ordin.

3.    The payment will be made by opening of an irrevocable, divisible and transferable confirmed letter of credit with the Bank….in favour of…
Plata se face prin deschiderea unui acreditiv documentar confirmat, irevocabil, divizibil si transferabil la Banca….in favoarea….

4.    Payment for the initial order would be required in pro forma Invoice.
Plata pentru prima comanda se va face prin factura proforma.

5.    Am acceptat plata, iar banca va trimite o instiintare in scurt timp.
We have accepted tha payment, and the bank will send you an advice note shortly.

6.    Have you prepaired the terms of payment?
Ati pregatit conditiile de plata?

7.    Can you please let us have your cheque to clear the amount?
Ati putea sa ne trimiteti cecul in vederea achitarii sumei?
8.    With reference to your Invoice no.552345 for Usd 3335 which we expected payment 3 weeks ago, we have not yet received your remittance.
Referitor la factura nr 552345 in valoare de 3335 usd, care trebuia platita acum 3 saptamani, inca nu am primit remiterea dumneavoastra.

9.    I am sorry to inform you that we will not be able to offer the credit you request in your letter of 14 November 2000.
Cu parere de rau va informam ca nu va putem acorda creditul pe care l-ati cerut prin scrisoarea dumneavoastra din 14 Noiembrie 2000.

10.    I am offering you an opportunity to expand your business.
Iti ofer oportunitatea sa-ti extinde afacerea.

11.    I would like to meet you in order to discuss the possibility of getting a loan or an overdraft from your bank. I can assure you that this Ioan will enable me to expand a very profitable business.
As dori sa stabilesc o intalnire cu dumneavoastra pentru a discuta posibilitatea obtinerii unui imprumut sau a unei finantari pe descoperit de cont de la banca dumneavoastra. Va asigur  ca acest imprumut imi va permite extinderea unei afaceri foarte profitabile.

12.    We are pleased to inform you that the loan you have requested has been approved.
Suntem bucurosi sa va anuntam ca acordarea imprumutului pe care l-ati solicitat â fost aprobata.

13.    We are sorry to inform you that we will not be able to offer you the loan you requested in your letter of 12 December 2000.
Ne pare rau sa va informam ca nu vom fi in masura sa va oferim imprumutul pe care l-ati solicitat in scrisoarea dumneavoastra din 12 decembrie 2000.

B: Good afternoon, Mr A.
B: Buna seara, domnule A.

A: Good afternoon, Mr B. Glad to hear you again. How can I help you?
A: Buna seara, domnule B. Ma bucur sa va aud din nou. Cu ce va pot ajuta?

B: I have called because I have noticed an error in our statement. First of all, I’ve noticed that Invoice No. 5556677 for 600000 USD has been debited twice. Second of all, you have charged us for a delivery of crystal glasses, Invoice No.667788 for 300 USD, but we have never ordered or received them.
B: Am sunat, deoarece am observat o eroare in extrasul nostru de cont. In primul rand, factura nr. 5556677 in valoare de 600000USD a fost debitata ed doua ori. In al doilea rand, ne-ati incarcat cu factura nr 667788 in valoare de 300 USD, pe care nici n-am comandat-o nici n-am primit-o.

A: Thank you very much, Mr.B.  for letting us know about that. I apologize for the inconveniences caused to you. We’ll do our best to repair the mistake as soon as posibile.
Multumesc foarte mult, domnule B. pentru ca ne-ati instiintat. Imi cer scuze de inconvenientele cauzate. Ne vom stradui sa reparam greseala cat mai repede.

B: I’m glad to hear that. Good bye!
   Ma bucur sa aud asta. La revedere.