Teste si raspunsuri limba engleza
Test VII
1. Traduceti:
In 1800s the Irish and Scottish immigrants brought Halloween celebrations to the United States.
The princess is this year's most popular children's costume.
Traditional costumes like witches, pirates and cats remain favorites among adults.
For men -- mummies, werewolves and gorillas.
For women  a lot of sexy costumes

2. Puneti verbele din paranteza la past tense sau la present perfect:

1.    a. She (help) us to some strawberry and cream sponge cake last week when we (pay) her a visit.
b. She (not/help) us to such delicious things so far.
    2. a. We (not/eat) such a splendid meringue since your birthday party.
       b. We (have) fruit dumplings several times at their holiday party.
3. a. “Won’t you have some more cookies? “ “No, thank you. I (have) some 5 minutes ago.”
b. “Have some more cherry tart!”  “No, thank you, I just (have) some”.


1.    Traduceti:
In 1800  imigrantii irlandezi si scotieni au adus sarbatoarea halloweenului in Statele Unite.
Costumele de printesa sunt anul acesta cele mai populare costume pentru copii.
Costumele traditionale, precum vrajitoarele, piratii si pisicile raman preferate printre adulti.
Pentru barbati – mumii, varcolaci si gorile.
Pentru femei o multime de costume sexy.

2.    Puneti verbele din paranteza la past tense sau la present perfect:

1.a . helped; paid; b. hasn’t helped;
2. a. haven’t eaten; b. had
3. a. had; b. I’ve just had