Gramatica limbii engleze cu exercitii

Adverbele, conform definitiei, arata modul, locul, timpul in legtaura cu o stare sau actiune exprimata de verb.
A. Adverbe de mod
- arata modul in care se petrece o actiune
- de obicei, aceste adverbe se formeaza prin adaugarea terminatiei -ly la finalul unui adjective
beautiful ---> beautifully
sad ---> sadly
capable ---> capably
slow ---> slowly
easy ---> easily

Numeroase adverbe de mod, in special cele neregulate, seamana ca forma si inteles cu adjectivele corespunzatoare:
Good – better – best
Badly – worse – worst
Much – more – most
Little – less – least

 B. Adverbe de loc

- arata locul in care se petrece o actiune

here, there, upstairs, downstairs, anywhere, everywhere, outside, inside

C. Adverbe de timp
- arata timpul in care se petrece o actiune

today, yesterday, tomorrow, Saturday, Monday, now, finally, later, soon, just, still

D. Adverbe de durata
- arata perioada de timp a unei actiuni

forever, shortly, long, permanently

E. Adverbe de comparatie
- arata gradul de intensitate al unei actiuni

extremely, greatly, hugely, partially, perfectly, strongly, totally, almost, very, entirely

F. Adverbe de frecventa
- arata gradul de repetabilitate al unei actiuni

always, constantly, often, rarely, regularly, seldom, sometimes, occasionally, rarely, never

G. Adverbe de probabilitate

- arata gradul de probabilitate a unei actiuni

certainly, perhaps, maybe, possibly, definitely

1.    Imi place foarte mult.
2.    A fost pictat foarte bine.
3.    Ea stie sa picteze cat se poate de bine.
4.    El este mult prea indraznet.
5.    El este cat se poate de necioplit.
6.    Seara sunt intotdeauna acasa.
7.    Imi este ingaduit intotdeauna sa ma plimb in parcul acela.
8.    Este nebun, totusi un baiat bun in general.
9.    Ai inceput deja sa bei cafea?

1.    Traduceti:

1.    I like it very much.
2.    It has been painted very well.
3.    She knows how to paint pretty well.
4.    He is far too impudent.
5.    He is rather rude.
6.    I am always at home in the evening.
7.    I may always take a walk in that park.
8.    He is crazy, yet a good bay as a whole.
9.    Have you already begin to drink coffee?