Teste si raspunsuri limba engleza

I.    Sa facem mai intai cunostinta: raspundeti asadar la intrebarile de mai jos:

1.    Excuse me, are you italian?
2.    Where are you from?
3.    What is your name please?

II.    Si acum este randul dvs. sa puneti intrebari  care sa corespunda raspunsurilor de mai jos

1.    I am twenty five.
2.    I live in Bucharest
3.    No, I am not an advanced student.
4.    Yes, I am married.
5.    I have two children; a son and a daughter.

III.    Prescurtati formele verbale din asertiunile si intrebarile de mai jos, asa cum se procedeaza in  mod curent in conversatie.
1.    I am fine………..
2.    She is jobless……..
3.    They are from Leeds………..
4.    There is much to talk about…….
5.    That is my suitcase……….
6.    Where is the nearest phone-box?...............
7.    I have got a headache…………….
8.    Who has read this novel?................

IV.    Prescurtati acum formele verbale din negatiile de mai jos:

1.    Do not drink too much coffee!
2.    Sorry, I do not know.
3.    We cannot manage it.
4.    You need not worry.
5.    She does/did not want to disturb you.

V.    Sa ne reamintim cum se formeaza imperativul:

Listen to me, please!
Give up smoking!
Go on writing!
Don’t drive too fast!

Si ca aplicatie, sa traduceti cele de mai jos:
1.    Mergeti drept inainte!
2.    Luati-o la dreapta pe str. Academiei.
3.    Luati autobusul inspre gradina Cismigiu.
4.    Nu uitati sa-mi telefonati dupa ce ati ajuns, va rog!

  I. 1.No, I am Roumanian; 2. I am from Romania; 3. Ion Ion

 II.1.    How old are you? 2.Where do you live? 3.Are you an advanced student?4.Are you married? 5. How many children have you got?

            III. 1. I’m  2.she’s 3. there’s 4. that’s  5.where’s  6. I’ve goy  7. who’s

           IV.  1.    don’t ; 2. don’t ; 3. can’t ; 4. needn’t;  5.doesn’t

           V. 1. go straight ahead   2. Turn right into Academiei street.  3. tahe the bus to Cismigiu Gardens.
                 4. Don’t forget to ring me up when you have arrived, please.